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Small Merchants Need a Fast Lane to Online Ordering

The Fast Lane to Online Ordering

With a public health crisis rocking our economy and our lives, the retail and restaurant industries have no choice but to evolve their brick-and-mortar business models for both public safety and their own survival. Without the ability to quickly adapt to the need for cleaner payments, small businesses–from mom-and-pop restaurants to those eclectic hard-to-replace shops—are sadly shutting their doors all across the country, and for possibly the last time.

Of course, it is easy to say that these restaurants and shops should quickly pivot their current brick-and-mortar business models to e-commerce, but this can be difficult to do without becoming destitute in the process. Restaurants face challenges with high setup costs, pricey delivery and order percentage fees, uneven profit distribution, manual errors, and branding vulnerability with using third-party apps. This makes the necessary transition to a cleaner order and pay experience much more difficult during an already stressful time.

Staying Relevant Amidst all the Evolution

Not only are retailers and restaurants being hit hard, but independent software vendors (ISVs), acquirers, and merchant service providers are also struggling to find ways to stay relevant. They are scrambling to offer solutions that promote new ways of purchasing while simultaneously keeping consumers comfortable, safe, and happy.

The ability to implement online ordering is readily achievable with a variety of offers, but few allow for the seamless integration of e-commerce and card-present integration. With an all-in-one solution that doesn’t break the bank or affect operating efficiency, online ordering and delivery must allow for leapfrogging the competition that will advance the consumers’ direct merchant relationship at a time when it’s needed the most.

The good news, though, is that studies show consumers prefer to order directly from the store rather than from expensive third-party apps[1]. By offering a consumer-driven and merchant-friendly e-commerce solution that allows merchants to maintain their brand, there could be a significant reduction in the additional costs and frustrations that weren’t originally present in the pre-curbside environment.

ROOM: A Clean and Versatile Payment Solution

With ROOM, PAX Technology Inc’s Restaurant/Retail Online Ordering Management, the ability to utilize both in-store and online ordering for a true omnichannel business solution now comes directly on the terminal and without the exorbitant third-party costs. Restaurants and retailers of all sizes can also benefit from branding the online ordering service as their own and integrate easily with their existing services.

This means small businesses can now leverage their own resources to offer cleaner, safer contactless payments without the expense.

ROOM comes integrated on any PAX Android device. We have partnered with our existing distributors to offer ROOM starter terminal offers for the E500 and A920. Transitioning to a true omnichannel business solution positioned for commerce of the future is now as simple as calling your sales representative.

ROOM makes the setup process quick and stress-free with its out-of-the-box online ordering website. Without the need for expensive third-party agreements, business owners can now offer consumers both in-person payment transactions as well as safe and seamless online ordering.

ROOM also provides the ability to:

  • offer clean, contactless curbside and pickup options
  • increase consumer convenience with contactless transactions and delivery
  • and keep the consumer’s experience, from online ordering to delivery or pick up, under your brand’s complete control

Future-Friendly Commerce Today with PAX ROOM

While it has been easy to shrug off the rapidly changing landscape of commerce in the past, this option is no longer a possibility with today’s challenges. PAX ROOM can help your business stay ahead on the fast lane to online ordering—and all without the price gouging common to third-party delivery services.

To get started with ROOM today, simply call your Sales Representative or Merchant Service Provider. You can also find more information on or contact [email protected].