Payment terminal with featured apps on the screen and different colored icons surrounding the terminal

Countertop vs. Wall-Mounted

The E770 countertop has the ability to swivel from merchant-facing to customer-facing gives you a smooth checkout experience and unlocks business opportunities for loyalty program, advertisements, and more

The E770 wall-mounted version is an ideal high-performing payment solution for unattended environments.

close up view of ports on payment terminal

Connect to Everything You Need

Paired with numerous extension ports and comprehensive wireless connectivity, the E770 presents unrivaled integration capabilities, unlocking the full spectrum of in-store operational possibilities.

  • Connections: 4G (supports 3G & 2G), Wi-Fi® (2.4GHz/5GHz), and Bluetooth®
  • Ports: Audio Jack, USB-C Host (for debug), USB-A Host, Cash Drawer, and LAN

Never Miss a Tip

180 Degree Rotation

With its unique swivel feature, which allows for a 180-degree rotation, the E770 empowers customers to effortlessly confirm orders, customize their preferences, add tips, and more. Join us on the journey towards seamless and efficient transactions, where the E770 redefines the way you do business.

Half of a circle with two antennas on top and two eyes inside the semi-circle resembling a bug with the words

Operating System

Android™ 10

A square with 3 lines on each side pointing out to resemble a processor.


Octa-Core Cortex™-A55, 1.6GHz

A rectangle with two arrows on the inside horizontally and going across to show the size of the product.


10.1″ IPS 1280 x 800 PixelsHD TouchscreenQ10A 3.5″ TFT | 320 x 480 px | Q10A Screen size 3.5″

Three circles with various sizes to show the image of a camera lens.


0.3MP Fixed Focus

A rectangle box with four ports for cables.


3 Type-A Host | 1 Micro USB OTG | 1 Cash Drawer | 1 Ethernet | 1 Audio Jack | 1 DC Jack

5 circles stacked ontop of each other and decreasing in size.


4G + Wi-Fi® 2.4GHz/5GHz + Bluetooth® 5.0 + Ethernet | eSIM Compatible

A memory card.


32GB + 3GB Extended Micro SD card, maximum up to 128GB

Card Reader

Q10A Card Reader Hybrid Chip & PIN + Magnetic Stripe + NFC Contactless

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