Elys Display mounted on a stand with the bump bar on the table below in a kitchen situation with chefs in white uniforms cooking in the background
Elys Display angled right connected to a TV both displaying a coffee shop ordering screen

Elevate Your Daily Operations

Experience heightened business efficiency with the Elys Display’s powerful quad-core processor, ensuring swift performance and seamless multitasking for streamlined kitchen operations and enhanced productivity.

Water Resistant

Confidently use this water-resistant display in customer facing or kitchen environments

Gravity Sensor

Built in G-Sensor allows this device to be used in portrait or landscape orientation.

Power Features

Reduce cables with built-in power and power over ethernet so you can keep your workspaces neat.

Countertop or Wallmount

Choose to mount the Elys Display on the wall or on a countertop using our secure mounting system.

Two Screen Sizes, One Big Impact

16″ Display

22″ Display

Connect the Elys Display to an A35

Use an A35 to turn your Elys Display into a self-service kiosk.

Elys Display Specs

Half of a circle with two antennas on top and two eyes inside the semi-circle resembling a bug with the words

Operating System

Android™ 11

A square with 3 lines on each side pointing out to resemble a processor.


Quad-Core Cortex®-A55 2.0GHz

A memory card.


2GB + 32GB | External MicroSD Card slot (up to 256GB)


IP rating: IP55

A rectangle with two arrows on the inside horizontally and going across to show the size of the product.


16″ & 22″ LCD Multi-Touch Display

Audio wave icon


Dual Box Speaker

A rectangle box with four ports for cables.


1 Type C USB | 2 Type A USB | LAN | AC Power | HDMI Out

5 circles stacked ontop of each other and decreasing in size.


Dual Band Wi-Fi® | Bluetooth® 5.0

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