Choose your preferred payment method

Experience effortless transactions with the IM15, accommodating a variety of payment methods including bank cards, phone payments (like Apple Pay), contactless, and QR codes for a smooth and convenient payment experience.

Compact, Ruggedized Design

Built for both outdoor and indoor environments, IM15 offers a seamless, and smooth checkout experience for unattended businesses.

Flush vs. inset

Flush has the ability to be flush within the wall, gas pump, EV charger, or whichever your business needs require.

Inset sits securely within your gas pump, ev charger, or whichever mount you choose.



Outdoor use

Operating System


A square with 3 lines on each side pointing out to resemble a processor.


Cortex A5

A memory card.


512MB Flash + 512MB RAM

Power Supply

12V – 48V DC via MDB or RS232

A rectangle with two arrows on the inside horizontally and going across to show the size of the product.


3.5″ Touch Screen | Support PIN on Glass

Audio wave icon


1 Speaker

A rectangle box with four ports for cables.


1 x USB Host | 1 x USB Device | 1 x LAN | 1 x RS232 | 1 x Digital I/O | 1 x MDB Slave

5 circles stacked ontop of each other and decreasing in size.


4G | Dual Band Wi-Fi® | Bluetooth 5.0

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