Geolocation for Android POS Devices

Through PAXSTORE, resellers can set device perimeters for Android point of sale (POS) products from wherever they are through the desktop or mobile app.

Set Secure Perimeters

The PAXSTORE Marketplace allows users to view each registered Android payment device’s location live on an interactive map, allowing them to see a general vicinity of where their mobile point of sale (POS) is located.  If a registered device leaves the designated set range, the user will be notified immediately. Users will also have the option to message or lock the terminal (if the merchant has a premium marketplace account).

Lock and Unlock Terminals

For premium marketplace accounts, the merchant can choose to lock their terminals. Once the Android terminal is back in range or in its owner’s possession, users can easily unlock the device through PAXSTORE Marketplace to perform transactions.

Control, Safety, and Security

Geofencing not only provides the peace of mind of knowing where your Android payment devices are 24/7, but also the control to keep your payments safe and secure!

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