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PAX Peace of Mind

Tech Support Impacts of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

New Tech Support Hours Effective Immediately:  9am – 1am EDT, Mon – Fri


In an abundance of caution and as a further means to protect our employees and their families from virus related events, PAX is making a temporary change to our technical support schedule.

Effective now thru April 14th, PAX technical support hours are 9:00am EDT through 1:00am EDT, Monday through Friday.  We are closely monitoring the safety and wellness of our employees and will continue to update our customers as changes occur. 


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What happens if I call in after the published support hours?

All calls received outside of the published support hours will be routed to a support voice mail. Those calls are returned as quickly as possible the following day by a senior representative.


How long will this change last?

While we cannot predict the outcome at this time, we continue to closely monitor employee wellness and continue to follow WHO and CDC guidelines for virus prevention on a daily basis.  PAX will communicate with its partners and customers to advise of changes as they happen.


­­Please feel free to contact PAX technical support for additional information at (877) 859-0099 or via email at


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