Our Products - PAX Technology Inc.
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Our Products

Accept every payment.

Leverage every sale.


Whether you’re looking for retail, hospitality, petrol, convenience, or entertainment, PAX has your ideal payment solution.

SMART. Sleek. Secure.


We’re accustomed to the best user experience with our Android-based Smart devices – sleek, intuitive interface, convenience, and multiple use cases.

So when it comes to processing payments, why subject customers & staff to old-fashioned, outdated point-of-sale terminals?

Mobile & mPOS

Pocket-sized design in a powerful hardware, these PAX mobile devices allow you to take secure payments anywhere your business takes you. Always running at peak performance, these mobile devices are the ideal solution for payments on-the-go or as an extra payment device at checkout during busy times.

PIN Pads & Countertop

PAX’s PIN Pad & countertop collection demonstrates proven reliability in performance with minimal use of counter space. The diverse lineup accepts any form of payment with complete peace of mind thanks to the multiple security layers and the many connectivity options. The screens are designed to improve viewing, ensuring users get the best experience when interacting with it.

Unattended Solutions

The PAX unattended solutions are next generation self-service payment terminals designed to increase unattended sales, implement flawless security, and be impervious to environmental damage. Their design and ease of use allows customers to purchase goods and services in a wide range of places such as gas stations, convenience stores, outdoor kiosks, hospitality venues, and fast food chains.

Like what you see? Let us know what catches your eye or if you don't see a product you're looking for, and we'll work to ensure you get the best solution for your needs.