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Hospitality & Restaurant

Reinventing your workstation

Packed with a powerful performance and flexible, dual-facing screens, the E-Series will make you rethink your ideal workstation. Sleek, powerful, and everything you need in one device for the ultimate dining experience.


E500 E600 E700 E800


Dine & Dash made easy

Whether it’s pay-at-the-table, catering, or order deliveries, our lineup of mobile devices makes checking out easy and quick anywhere. Keeping security and customer experience at the forefront, PAX mobile solutions are sure to deliver.


See Mobile Solutions


Next level Self-Service

Our SecureKiosk series allows customers to take charge of their own dining experience, while simulataneously increasing productivity and efficiency. When integrated, the collaborative ecosystem of PAX smart devices and POS solutions can receive orders from multiple PAX SecureKiosks, successfully bringing security, ease-of-use, and satisfaction to the next level with each payment experience.


SK600 SK800 


SK600 and SK800
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