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Paperless Solution

Engineered to minimize environmental impact and cut down on stationary expenses, the A77 seamlessly pairs with a printer via Bluetooth connectivity or quickly send a receipt via text or email.

Ergonomically Designed

The A77 offers a compact, handheld solution for your business, enabling you to accept payments anytime and anywhere.

Advanced Battery Technology

All day operations guaranteed thanks to a powerful 3000mAh or an optional 5150mAh battery & unique energy-saving technology.

Dual Cameras

Powerful 2MP Front-Facing + 5MP Rear-Facing cameras to get the image every time.

Accept payments, anywhere.

With its versatile payment options, the A77 supports EMV Chip & PIN, NFC Contactless, and magnetic stripe transactions, offering flexibility and convenience for various payment methods.

EMV Chip & PIN

Effortlessly insert your debit card into the A77’s bottom slot for secure transactions.

NFC Contactless

Simply tap your smartwatch, smartphone, or credit/debit card for swift and convenient payments.

Magnetic Stripe

Swipe your credit or debit card effortlessly using the magnetic stripe for seamless transactions.

Contact Us About This Product

I agree to have my information stored(Required)

*Terms and Conditions Apply. Accounts are subject to approval, including credit approval. Current offer includes: $5.99/month price based on a 36-month Airlink agreement with part number A77-0AW-RE5-20EA. Other service agreement options available. Account will also be charged $34.99 activation fee per device. All service agreement pricing based on 1.5GB allotted data per device/per year. This is based on estimated average monthly data usage of 128MB per device. If a device exceeds the allotted data of 1.5GB, the account will be charged $0.01456 per MB for the remainder of that 12-month cycle. If an account requests early cancellation, the cancellation will be future dated to the end of the current bill cycle. The account will then be billed, in full, for the remainder of the agreement. With early cancellation, all original devices must be returned, at the cost of account holder, within 7 days, with no excessive physical or liquid damage, or the account will be subject to a $150/per device non-refundable fee. Full terms and conditions are listed in service agreement. © 2024 PAX Technology, Inc.