Payment Solutions - PAX Technology Inc.
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Payment Solutions

Unique payment solutions for every business.


From small businesses to restaurants to the largest retailers, PAX has a unique and effective payment solutions for every business.



PAX ROOM gives hope and certainty at a time when merchants need it the most. With a rapidly changing environment, restaurants and retailers are already in the fast lane to online ordering with PAX Restaurant/Retail Online Ordering Management (ROOM).

Simple Register

Simple Register is a FREE basic POS app that allows merchants to control their store directly from a PAX Android™ terminal*


When there’s a need to process payment, the POS system sends the dollar amount and the order number to the PAX Device, which encrypts all the sensitive information and sends directly to the payment processor, without sharing any cardholder data with the POS.

Enterprise Retail Solutions

PAX offers a comprehensive Estate Management system and enhanced integration platform that enables centralized control for thousands of checkout terminals within large, enterprise-level retail environments.

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