Comprehensive Payment Solutions

Enhance your payments beyond hardware with our range of payment solutions. Improve your customer experience and customize your hardware to fit your company.


From integration and security to support and risk management, our add-on solutions enhance your payment terminal’s capabilities.


Get remote assistance right when you need it, reducing costs and improving your support offerings.

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Access a deep analysis of what’s happening with your terminals using visual displays and comprehensive data.

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As the first remotely operated application test platform, CyberLab allows developers to test applications remotely.

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A mobile point of sale (mPOS), POSket is a sleek and secure payment solution specially designed for businesses on the go.

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An application for PAX Px5 and Px7 terminals, PxRetailer allows for quick and easy integration with all leading electronic cash register applications.

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Easily configure system settings, control access, and deliver a custom look with your own brand style.

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Why Companies Worldwide Choose PAX

From mom-and-pop shops to enterprise retail brands, customers small and large trust PAX with their payments.

More Than Just Payments

Get access to exclusive apps in our one-of-a-kind marketplace, PAXSTORE. Power up your devices and terminals and make them work for you.


Maximum Flexibility

Powered by Android, our devices are built for flexibility and innovation. Easily and quickly customize your terminals to fit your unique needs.


Easy Certifications

With PAX’s common kernel, certifying your payment devices across multiple payment terminal platforms is easier than ever before.


Customize Your Payment Solutions Today

Want to experience a secure, efficient, and totally customizable payment solution? Get in touch today to get started.

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