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The Fast Lane to

Online Ordering


PAX ROOM gives hope and certainty at a time when merchants need it the most. With a rapidly changing environment, restaurants and retailers are already in the fast lane to online ordering with PAX Restaurant/Retail Online Ordering Management (ROOM). 


 Clean and Convenient without the Cost

Your Brand

Studies have shown that customers prefer to directly order from the merchant, and ROOM allows merchants to brand their own online ordering platform.


Merchants have greater control over their own resources when it comes to ordering, paying, and delivering with ROOM–without paying the exorbitant fees.

Quick and Easy

ROOM works easily with the merchants’ existing systems, so there is no disruption when integrating ROOM and continuing business.

Cleaner & Safer

ROOM ensures clean, safe, and contactless payments, the ability to pay in advance, and the contactless-enabled terminals that come with the solution.


We Keep you in the Driver Seat


Merchants can re-open their doors with the confidence to keep their business going better than ever with newer and easier ways to reach their customers. PAX provides the hardware needed, easy integration with existing systems, as well as the marketing and technical support to have a successfully running order and delivery platform. 

VROOM online order

Order from wherever you are

We make it easy to order from ROOM, where merchants can also brand their own online ordering system. With ROOM, customers have more options like customizing their order, paying in advance, or paying upon receiving their order.

Fully integrated with PAX Smart Devices

ROOM comes fully integrated on the E500, E600, and E700 terminal and is already certified with your payment provider with an optional A920. Orders placed online appear directly on the ROOM Terminal app that is available on the PAXSTORE, making it easy to manage all your orders in one device.

E500 Merchant Facing - Silver

Merchant and Consumer-focused

Merchants and consumers enjoy the benefits of all-in-one automated ordering. Orders placed come directly to the payment terminals, and consumers get direct notifications when their order has been received and is ready for delivery/pick-up.


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