PAX Technology Inc. | PAX E500
The E500 is ideal for fashion & hospitality merchants requiring a more cost efficient and space saving solution. A merchant's total cost of ownership is drastically reduced when using the E500.
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About This Product
  • All-in-One Integrated Solution
  • 8″ Merchant-Facing Touchscreen
  • 4.3″ Customer-Facing Display
  • 2MP Front Camera, 5MP Rear Camera


The E500 is a next-gen SmartPOS that heightens the user experience with its bright merchant-facing touchscreen and customer-facing display. Through PAXBiz powered by Android, this all-in-one game-changer delivers a solid performance in any retail and hospitality space, such as bookstores, coffee shops, hotels, and more.  The E500 exceeds the standards of a seamless user experience with its carefully designed components, including a 3-inch high-speed thermal printer with an automatic paper cutter, multiple peripheral ports, 4G (optional), Bluetooth wireless technology, Wi-Fi communication options, and dual cameras.


E500 Data Sheet