Unattended Self-Service - PAX Technology Inc.
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Unattended Self-Service

IM Series, SK-Series, & ARIES:

Self-Service & Secure, Unattended Payment terminals

Designed to increase unattended sales, implement flawless security, and be impervious to environmental damage, our collection of secure unattended payment solutions let you access a whole new world of apps through PAXSTORE, a global marketplace hosting advanced solutions for every kind of business.

The Modular Solution

Engineered to the highest design & quality standards, the IM Series comes in a conveniently modular setup, so you can choose the payment processing solution that fit your specific needs.


IM Series

All-in-One Unattended

Much more than simple transaction terminals. IM20 is a complete communication interface, where all your customers’ transactional needs can be met in one place.


See the IM20

All-in-One Android Unattended

Running Android 7.1, the recently released IM30 is the newest state-of-the-art self-service terminal on the market, an all-in-one ruggedized device with all required industry certifications, advanced connectivity and accepting any form of payment.


See the IM30

Self-Service Secure Kiosk


Two easy-to-mount Android smart kiosks with fully integrated payment, offering shoppers a modern & interactive retail experience. Providing access to product information and promotions in a more engaging manner makes it easier for people to interact in a way that is efficient and familiar to them.


SK600 SK800

Unattended SecureTablet


PAX brings convenience on another level with a sleek, easy-to-use, vivid tablet payment device. The Aries8 works to provide the user with a fast and flexible payment experience. Accepting EMV, MSR, and NFC Contactless, a high-resolution touchscreen, and cameras for code scanning, the Aries8 SecureTablet enables convenience on your own time without the need for assistance. 


See the Aries8

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