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The following section points out the various hardware features of the D135.

Front View:

Back View:


The following section provides basic operating instructions for the D135.

Power ON/OFF

  • Power ON: Press and hold the power button down until the device beeps, and then release.
  • Power OFF: Press and hold the power button down. When the four colored lights flash at the same time, power down is complete.

Power Indicator

  • When the green light is on: More than 20% power.
  • When the red light is on: Less than 20% power.
  • When the red light is flashing slowly: Insufficient power supply; the device will shut down automatically.

Charging Indicator

  • The red light is flashing slowly: It’s charging.
  • The green light is on (no flashing): It’s fully charged.

Status Indicator

The D135 comes with both hardware and software mechanisms that prevent the terminals from being opened and modified. If the D135 has been tampered with, the following lights will indicate that it not safe for use:

  • Blue indicator 1 and 4 are on: The machine is compromised at present.
  • Blue indicator 1, 2, 3 and 4 are all on: The machine has been tampered with in the past.

USB Connection

  1.  Turn the D135 on.
  2.  Connect the phone, tablet, or other external device to the D135 with the provided USB cable.

Bluetooth® Wireless Technology Connection

  1. Turn the D135 on.
  2. In device’s settings, scanfor the D135 signal. By default, the D135’s device name is PAX D135_XXXX, with XXXX standing for the last 4 letters of the MAC address of the D135. Please note that the device name may be modified according to user requirements.
  3. Pair the mobile equipment with the D135. During the pairing, the external device may prompt for a confirmation passkey. In such cases, enter the passkey and click OK to confirm.



The D135 includes the following card readers:

Magnetic Stripe Card (SCRP)

Slide the card through the card reader slot from left to right or from right to left with the magnetic strip oriented towards the body of the device. Make sure that the card is fully inserted into the card reader while swiping the card.

IC/Smart Card Reader

Insert the card fully into the reader with the metallic contacts facing up and towards the device. Make sure that the card is fully inserted into the card reader while scanning the card.

Contactless Card Reader

The contactless card reader reads cards and devices placed roughly within an inch (2.5 mm). For best results, place as close to the reader as possible and center the card over the indicated area at the top of the terminal.



  • Do not use industrial strength or abrasive cleaner.
  • Do not immerse the device in water or liquid.
  • Do not spray water or cleaner into EMV Card Reader or ports.



  • If any cables become damaged, seek a replacement.
  • Do not insert unknown materials into any port on the D135; this may cause serious damage.
  • If repairs are required, please contact a professional technician instead of attempting them on your own.
  • Avoid exposing the device to an excessively hot, dusty, or strong electromagnetic environment.
  • Do not vibrate, shake, or drop the device.

CAUTION: Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment.

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