SMART Series - PAX Technology Inc.
Smart Android Payment Terminals are next generation SmartPOS and SmartECR that offer more payment and management capabilities, greater flexibility & improved functionality. The Android-based payment technology bring simplicity and deliver a user-friendly payment experience for advanced operations like payment processing, terminal and estate management, as well as application development.
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Lightweight and Versatile


We’re accustomed to the best user experience with our Android-based Smart devices – sleek, intuitive interface, convenience, and multiple use cases.

So when it comes to processing payments, why subject customers & staff to old-fashioned, outdated point-of-sale terminals?


SmartDesktop devices enhance the use of your counter space through its compact design and powerful performance.




PAX SmartMobile devices are perfect for industries with needs on-the-go. Payments can take place wherever they are needed and more securely than ever with PAX SmartMobile devices.

A60 A920


Empty wood table top with abstract blur clothing store in modern shopping mall defocused background


The E-Series are integrated All-in-One POS terminals delivering a seamless payment experience.


E500 E600 E700 E800


Secure Kiosk

PAX Self-Service Secure Kiosks lets users control their own payment experience. Full of capabilities right in your hands.


SK600 SK800



Secure Tablet

Our Secure Tablet devices redefine the multi-lane and unattended use cases through interactive touchscreens, intuitive interface, and full payment acceptance.


Aries6 Aries8


Secure Unattended

Our Secure Unattended devices offer a fresh and reliable payment experience, designed with convenience in mind. 




Like what you see? Let us know what catches your eye or if you don't see a product you're looking for, and we'll work to ensure you get the best solution for your needs.