S300 QSG - PAX Technology Inc.
The S300 Quick Setup Guide is designed to help you setup your terminal and provide you with basic instructions and tips for how to use your terminal. Quick setup guides usually include contents of the terminal packaging, part descriptions, operating instructions, installation and usage tips, and battery information.
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S300 QSG

S300 Quick Setup Guide

Contents Checklist

Please check the box contents after unpacking. If any components are missing, please contact the dealer.

Name Qty.
S300 PIN Pad 1
Power Supply 1
Power Adaper 1
Stylus Pen 1

Product Description

The following section points out the various hardware features of the S300.

Front View:


Back View:


Basic Operating Instructions

The following section provides basic operating instructions for the S300.

Power ON/OFF’

  • Power ON: The terminal will automatically power on when connected for a power source.
  • Power OFF: Disconnect the terminal from its power source to power off.


SAM Installation

  1. Remove SAM cover on back of terminal.
  2. Insert SAM card into corresponding card slot.
  3. Replace SAM cover.

Card Readers

The S300 includes the following card readers:

Magnetic Stripe Card 

Slide the card through the card reader slot from top to bottom or from bottom to top with the magnetic strip oriented towards the body of the device. Make sure that the card is fully inserted into the card reader while swiping the card.

IC/Smart Card Reader

Insert the card fully into the reader with the metallic contacts facing up and towards the device. Make sure that the card is fully inserted into the card reader while scanning the card.

Contactless Card Reader

The contactless card reader reads cards and devices placed roughly within an inch (2.5 mm). For best results, place as close to the reader as possible and center the card over the terminal’s screen.


Cleaning the Device

  • Do not use industrial strength or abrasive cleaner.
  • Do not immerse the device in water or liquid.
  • Do not spray water or cleaner into EMV Card Reader or ports.

Terminal Installation and Usage Tips

• If any cables become damaged, seek a replacement.
• Do not insert unknown materials into any port on the S300; this may cause serious damage.
• If repairs are required, please contact a professional technician instead of attempting them on your own.
• Avoid exposing the device to an excessively hot, dusty, or strong electromagnetic environment.
• Do not vibrate, shake, or drop the device.


CAUTION: Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment.