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Software PIN on COTS


Embedding Security in every PIN-entry


PAX SPOC SealGuard Solution is a complete solution with a PCI approved secure card reader PIN (SCRP) hardware, cardholder verification method (CVM) application, and a back-end monitoring and attestation processing.  Our SealGuard solution enables PIN entry on any commercial off the shelf (COTS) device by using a combination of the SealGuard PIN CVM App and the cloud-based back-end monitoring & attestation WatcherCenter. The SealGuard PIN CVM Application running on the COTS encrypts the customer’s PIN at the point of entry and sends it to the PCI approved SCRP (PAX D135) to be translated and sent to the payment gateway for use in the authorization message. The cloud-based WatcherCenter consistently monitors and attests the SealGuard CVM Application’s running context and the D135 for any environmental and behavioral anomalies or signs of compromise.


PAX SealGuard Solution

Invisible & Discreet





The PAX D135 is an approved SCRP for the SPOC SeakGuard Solution. Carefully designed to be discreet and almost invisible, its ultralight and sleek structure supports multiple iOS-based & Android-based COTS devices.  


  • Magnetic stripe card (optional), IC card, Contactless
  • Bluetooth® wireless technology,support LE mode, metal pin charging and communication
  • 4 RF indicators; 1 Power indicator (Green & Red)
  • PCI 5.1 SCR (With MSR), PCI 5.1 SCRP (Without MSR), EMV L1, EMV L2, EMV CL L1, AMEX, DPAS, Paypass, Paywave, QUICS L2, Interac-Flash, TQM, UL, FCC, IC


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