PAX Technology Inc. | Remote Key Injection (RKI)
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Remote Key Injection (RKI)

Inject terminals instantly,

from anywhere in the world.



Remote Key Injection (RKI) allows merchants serviced by acquiring banks & payment service providers to automatically, quickly and securely perform key injection directly at the point-of-sale.

PAX offers an industry certified, secure Remote Key Injection (RKI) service for the deployment of PIN keys and SRED data, such as point-to-point encryption (P2PE), to point of sale (POS) terminal hardware. Dramatic cost reductions are achieved when keys are injected remotely. Savings on shipping & admin costs as terminals no longer move to and from a Key Injection Facility (KIF). Forget about the complexities of setting up your own secure room, high costs of buying & maintaining expensive server equipment, employing specialized people, and performing mandatory re-certifications. The PAX RKI service is more cost-effective, faster, and a highly secure alternative to traditional Local Key Injection which physically takes place in a certified secure room.