Remote Key Injection (RKI) - PAX Technology Inc.
paxRhino offers Remote Key Injection, from anywhere in the world--at any time.
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Remote Key Injection (RKI)

Inject terminals instantly,

from anywhere in the world.



A Cost-Effective and Convenient Key Injection Solution

paxRhino Remote Key Injection (RKI) gives acquiring banks and payment service providers the ability to provide their merchants with automated, quick, and secure key injections directly at the point-of-sale, from anywhere in the world.

With paxRhino Remote Key Injection, you can:

  • Forget the complexities and exorbitant costs of setting up and maintaining your own secure room and server equipment.
  • Save on training specialized personnel and employing mandatory re-certifications.
  • Reduce shipping and administrative costs with the move from a traditional Key Injection Facility (KIF).
  • Conveniently and quickly deploy key injection from anywhere, at anytime.


Security, Without the Interruption

You no longer have to sacrifice security for convenience. paxRhino Remote Key Injection offers an industry certified, secure Remote Key Injection (RKI) service for the deployment of PIN keys and SRED data, from point-to-point encryption (P2PE) to point of sale (POS) terminal hardware.

For more information, contact your PAX sales representative today!