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Pax S90 Wireless GPRS (GPRS) It is very fast and the functionality resembles the very popular Nurit 8020. One of the best features of the S90 is that it has paper roll capacity almost double of many other popular wireless terminals.
S90, PAX S90, Wireless GPRS, wireless terminal, payment terminal, pos machine, payment devices, card reader
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About This Product

  • 2 Options: Aries8 Kit or Aries8 Pro
  • Stand-mounted, mobile use, or unattended capabilities
  • 8″ HD Touchscreen Display
  • Multiple connectivity options


The Aries8 is a next generation multi-functional tablet that serves a multitude of use cases such SmartPOI (Point-of-Interaction) payment, SmartPOS (Point-of-Sale) Electronic Cash Register (ECR) operations, and/or for mobile in-store applications such as POS line busting and product ordering. The ergonomic design allows Aries8 to be stand mounted on any industry stand; incorporated into unattended kiosks, or used for Mobile applications. The pistol style handle, vibrant 8” display, and embedded payment module enable retail mobile applications, such as POS/line busting and ordering, as well as consumer applications, like bridal registry and self-service POS.


Aries8 Kit Aries8 Pro

PAX Petro, SmartTablet, Unattended