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The deadline for upgrading to EMV-compliant payment technology is right around the corner. The PAX Petro Solution eliminates the risk of fradulent transactions and meets industry requirements at a competitive price, giving merchants a quick, secure, and affordable upgrade. 
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PAX Petro Solution

Pay-at-the-Pump Made Easy

The migration to EMV and PCI compliant fuel stations just got easier.  With a 15-minute installation of our unique retrofit solution, convenience stores and gas stations can upgrade to a secure and easy payment experience that is cost-effective, PCI-compliant, and accepts EMV, MSR, and NFC Contactless directly at the pump.

  • Seamless Integration

    • Multiple devices can connect to the store
    • Simplified connectivity to current system
    • Numerous payment methods accepted

  • Secure & Affordable

    • Compliant with EMV 2020
    • Security-focused at an affordable cost
    • Direct payments from device to processor

  • Easy Installation

    • Non-intrusive approach of installing device to the pump
    • Integration to existing systems
    • Flexible with any processor

Pretty woman filling her car with petrol at gas statiion

EMV Liability Shift 2020

PAX Petro Solution gives you the EMV-compliant payment technology without all the hassle that comes with upgrading. Our solution eliminates the risk of fraudulent transactions and meets industry requirements at a competitive price, giving merchants a quick, secure, and affordable upgrade. 

Our powerful all-in-one IM20 is tamper-resistant and is easy to install, enabling a smooth transition with direct certifications to US based payment processors. Security is paramount in our semi-integrated solution which removes sensitive PCI data out of the store’s network. 


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All-in-One IM20


Easy-to-install with only one cord for power

QR code scanning

EMV, MSR, NFC Contactless

Bluetooth & WiFi

Built-in security camera


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