PAX Commerce - PAX Technology Inc.
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PAX Commerce

One-Stop Integration Platform

The PAX Commerce Platform system offers self-service capabilities to users, including order-at-the-table, pay-at-the-table, and real-time remote sales reporting. PAX also provides a set of cloud-based RESTful APIs that allow merchants to easily integrate PAX Commerce Platform with their own systems.

Woman showing the product to her partner before packing and delivering to the customer. Online selling business partners working together in the office.
  • Cloud-Integration Services

    • Pay-at-the-Table
    • Order-at-the-Table
    • E-Commerce
    • POS
    • Employee management
    • Inventory
    • Accounting & Payroll

  • Estate Management & Marketplace

  • Our solutions are more than just a product—they’re a platform. We give you the toolkit to optimize the efficiency of not just one, but all of your devices. Anywhere, any time.


    • Your Branded App Marketplace
    • Remote Key Injection
    • Remote Assistance
    • Geolocate
    • Push Notifications

  • Hardware-as-a-Service

  • Our devices bring the experience full circle, giving users the exciting feel of simplicity and ease-of-use that comes with the best technology. Our SMART devices ensure optimal usability and device management.


    • SmartPOS
    • SmartMobile
    • SmartDesktop
    • SecureKiosk
    • SecureTablet

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