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Simple Register FAQ

  1. What terminals can be used with Simple Register?
    • A77, A800, A920, A920Pro, E600M, E700M, E800, L1400
  2. How can a merchant sign up?
    • Have the Reseller push the App to their terminal. Once the app is open, the merchant accepts the user agreement, then they can set up their store, tax information, inventory, etc. directly from the terminal. The Setup Wizard will walk them through the process.
  3. How much is the Simple Register upgrade?
  4. Is this solution better for a Retail Store or a Restaurant?
    • This option is great for both retail and restaurants.
  5. Is Simple Register compatible with my payment processor?
    • Yes! If you are using an A920 you will need both Simple Register and your BroadPOS Payment App on the terminal. If you are using an E-Series device, you need to have the payment app to the Q20.
  6. Will the Merchant have an Admin Portal?
    • There is NO Admin Portal for Simple Register, everything is managed from the terminal.
  7. Who Supports the Simple Register App?
    • PAX Technical Support Team will assist customers with basic functionality questions and can provide user guides. [email protected].
    • The PAX Commerce Team will assist when reporting and managing App bugs or feature enhancements. [email protected]
  8. Can you use Simple Register on more than one terminal?
    • Yes, all you need is your Store Serial Number and the Store name which can be found in the Merchant Information of the app.
  9. Do we have any Marketing Materials released for Simple Register? https://www.pax.us/simpleregister/
  10. Will Simple Register expand to other Android Terminals?
    • Yes, please see the supported terminals under Question 1 or in PAXSTORE.
  11. Who should a merchant contact if they want to upgrade?
    • If a merchant wants to upgrade, they can submit a request via the App or contact their Reseller to inquire about Simple Register Upgrade Options.
  12. Are there limitations on the number of products that can be added?
    • Yes, you can add 100 items to the App. For an unlimited inventory, you must choose an upgrade option.
  13. Is there a limit to adding customers for customer loyalty in the App?
    • Yes, you can add 50 customers. For unlimited customers, you can upgrade the app.
  14. Does the App have surcharge fee settings?
    • Simple Register will not handle surcharge. Surcharge fee features are located on the payment App.
  15. Can the merchant do an Inventory import/export?
    • No. However, with an upgrade merchants/resellers will have the ability to upload and export inventory.
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