PAX Technology Inc. | FAQs
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Questions? We’ve got answers.

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions on all PAX solutions here.

General FAQs


Q: Why does my terminal say PED Tampered?

A: PED Tampered: The terminal has detected an insecurity with the hardware and has locked itself for security purposes. This can happen if the terminal was dropped or actually tampered with. This error message will also appear if the internal battery is damaged or needs to be replaced.

Q: Why won’t my A920 hold a charge?

A: If this is a new terminal, turn off the terminal and remove the battery from the device. Once you remove the battery peel off the protection sticker off the battery. Then place the battery back into the device and plug in the charger.

Q: How do I enable Apple Pay/Contactless?

A: Contact your Merchant Service Provider and have them enable this feature on your file. Then power cycle the terminal to download the new changes.

Q: What’s the warranty on PAX products?

A: Warranty details may vary. Contact your terminal service provider for warranty information.

Check-Reader Information


Q: What is the correct baud rate for communication with MagTek readers?

The default rate is 115200 bps  (PAX terminal will automatically negotiate to the MAGTEK Baud Rate and supports 9600/1200/2400…)

Q: What are the required cables to run the MagTek with the S80?

A: There are two cables required for operation.


  1. The first is a bridge cable made by MagTek required: 6P4C Plug adaptor, 1000001866-A.
  2. The second depends on which MagTek reader you are using:

For the Micr Mini: 22517563 REV.A

For the Micr Micrimage: 22410302 REV.C

Q: I have the connections set between my S80 and my MagTek reader, and the reader reads checks when I pass them through, but when I initiate an actual transaction the reader doesn’t respond to the request.

Make sure you have “Check Reader” turned on in the terminal. You can do that in BroadPOS by enabling the “Check Reader” option. You can also do it at the terminal level:


  1. Press “Menu”
  2. Select Option 3 (Operation Settings)
  3. Select Option 9 (Peripherals)
  4. Input the password
  5. Select Option 3 (Check Reader)