Enterprise Retail Solutions - PAX Technology Inc.
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Enterprise Retail Solutions


Comprehensive Payment Integration Solution for Large Retailers

PxStudio is an enhanced integration platform enabling centralized control for thousands of checkout terminals within large, enterprise-level retail environments.  The comprehensive payment solution readily maintains secure device and transaction management in any fully integrated or semi-integrated payment environment.


PAX turn-key application for Integrated Payment Environment


  • Common EMV kernel to reduce incremental EMV certifications
  • Simplifies integration, screen creation, and deployment
  • Facilitates gathering secure payment transaction elements
  • Supported on multiple devices such as Aries, Px, and mobile terminals


Designed to be used in Semi-Integrated Payment Environment


  • One application for PAX payment terminals running PxRetailer to authorize transactions directly with Payment Processor in Semi-Integrated mode
  • Powered by PCI PA-DSS 3.x validated and EMV L3 certified BroadPOS Payment engine
  • Uses REST APIs – POS application platform and programming language agnostic


Drag-and-drop operations with fast screen design saves you time and money.

  • Works with PxRetailer and PxProcessor applications
  • Prebuilt toolbox controls for standard functions like:
    • Signature capture
    • PIN entry
    • EMV/MSR prompts,
    • Buttons, labels, list controls, and card swipe
  • All of the above can be quickly dropped onto screens

PAX Portfolio Manager

PAX Portfolio Manager (PPM) is a comprehensive Estate Management system providing centralized control of PAX terminals for large retailers using the PxStudio suite of applications.  PPM supports standard downloading and terminal configuration, combined with a sophisticated Grouping capability, real-time terminal and group monitoring, security compliance monitoring, and automatic notification when certain events occur or when monitored threshold values are exceeded.

Monitoring & Estate Management

Real-time status, monitoring, and full management of entire estate

Reports & Analytics

Send merchant notifications on command, real-time messaging

Downloads & Scheduling

Over the Air Updates without affecting merchants' business operations

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