The Elys Eye, an Elys accessory, sits on a round marble table next to the Elys Workstation.

Designed for Your Specific Needs

The Elys Eye Touch and the Elys Eye stand next to each other with the back of the device in view as well.

Elys Eye Touch

Elys Eye

A black gear icon.

Operating System

Elys Eye Touch: Nuxiums | Elys Eye: Runthos

A rectangle with two arrows on the inside horizontally and going across to show the size of the product.


Elys Eye Touch: 1.54 ‘’ Touch Screen

Three circles with various sizes to show the image of a camera lens.


Elys Eye Touch: 2MP Camera | Elys Eye: 0.3MP Camera

A rectangle box with four ports for cables.


Elys Eye Touch: Type C & POGO PIN | Elys Eye: Type C

5 circles stacked ontop of each other and decreasing in size.


Elys Eye Touch: Wi-Fi® & Bluetooth® 5.0 | Elys Eye: Bluetooth® 4.2

A square with 3 lines on each side pointing out to resemble a processor.


Elys Eye Touch: Cortex A7 1.0GHz | Elys Eye: 204MHz

Audio wave icon


Elys Eye Touch: Speaker & Microphone | Elys Eye: Buzzer

Full battery icon


Elys Eye Touch: 1400mAh | Elys Eye: 900mAh

a hand holds the Elys Eye Touch, an Elys accessory, with their right hand and scans a barcode of a granola bar with their left hand. The barcode is reflected onto the Elys Eye screen. The background is a white table and there is a bag of Naturals potato chips on the table in the upper-right corner.

Easy Scanning

Effortlessly scan barcodes, QR codes, and loyalty cards, with the Elys Eye Touch and the Elys Eye allowing you to conveniently track inventory or process customer transactions with ease.

The Elys Workstation and the Elys Eye taking video of a woman standing in the door of a shop holding her hand up to the side with her palms up.

Record Videos & Take Pictures

Record videos and take pictures on the Elys Eye Touch. Effortlessly showcase them on the Elys Workstation or any computerized terminal or device.


The Elys Eye Touch comes equipped with a walkie-talkie feature that allows merchants to communicate directly with their Elys Workstation, enabling seamless and efficient communication within their business operations.

The Complete Point of Sale Solution

The Elys family is a comprehensive group, and each member has a specific role to play to complete your transaction needs.
The front of the Elys Workstation featuring the home screen with various apps and a blue background.

Elys Workstation

The Elys Workstation provides a smart and efficient way to manage your business by offering a single platform that integrates modern functionalities and intelligent user experience.

The Elys Tablet showing the front display of a light blue colored ad and the back of the payment device.

Elys Tablet

The Elys Tablet is a portable payment device that works with the Elys Workstation or can be used alone. It’s perfect for a variety of businesses that want to stay on top of the future of payments.

The Elys printer at an angle with a small amount of printer paper peaking at the top.

Elys Printer

Print receipts and more using the Elys Printer. This printer is designed to quickly print what you need to keep your operations running smoothly.

A black cashdrawer.

Elys Cashdrawer

To fully equip your business with the Elys family, consider the Elys cash drawer. This cash drawer provides a secure solution for storing your cash, checks, and other valuable items.

The Elys Workstation in the middle with the printer behind, the tablet to the left, the elys eye touch below, and the M8 on the right.


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