The Nilson Report documents the rise of PAX

Shenzhen (China), 12 October 2012

The payment industry’s foremost trade publication, the Nilson Report, has just published it’s annual review of the state of the Point-of-Sale terminal sector. The report documents the steady rise of PAX Technology, now ranked as one of the leading global providers of POS terminal solutions.

According to the September 2012 edition of the Nilson Report, PAX increased POS terminal shipments last year by over 83% globally.

PAX’s rise through the ranks in recent years is partially due to consolidation and acquisition activity within the POS terminal industry, but is mainly fuelled by the company’s investment in ensuring superior manufacturing quality of its POS terminals, investment in maintaining compliance with international PCI, EMV and Contactless standards, and R&D investment in a long-term product roadmap.

Compared to rival vendors, the PAX numbers reported by the Nilson Report are staggering and show why PAX’s reputation for superior quality POS hardware, advanced POS software technology platform and competitive pricing is well deserved.  The regional breakdown shows PAX increasing sales by a whopping 1,521% in Latin America, 564% in Africa, 128% in Europe and 55% in Asia.


About PAX(

PAX Technology Limited (“PAX”) is a global provider of electronic payment solutions offering world-class, cost effective and superior quality payment solutions. Building on its service excellence and proven leadership position in Asia, PAX is considered one of the fastest growing payment solution providers with world-class manufacturing and R&D capabilities and a growing sales and channel partner network across the globe.