Samport and PAX Technology launch secure POS solutions for Nordic merchants

Shenzhen (China), 18 April 2014
PAX Technology, a leading global provider of secure electronic payment terminals, and Samport, a leading Scandinavian payments systems integrator, have formally launched 3 brand new Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale (“EFT-POS”) terminals featuring modern technology adapted for the Scandinavian markets.

In 2013 Samport began to replace and develop its range of terminals to better meet the demands of customers and retailers. As part of this focus, the company began a new partnership with PAX Technology, one of the world’s largest and fastest growing Point of Sale and mPOS terminal manufacturers.

“PAX is an established terminal supplier in Asia, with ambitions for continued growth – particularly in Europe.” says Mikael Hedlof, CEO of Samport. He added “With our joint focus on three brand new terminals, Samport will be able to broaden its offering to small and medium-sized customers, as well as increasing its competitiveness within specific industries such as transport and the retail trade.”

Mark O’Flynn, Sales Director at PAX Technology concluded: “PAX operates in 80 countries around the world and we are delighted to have as experienced a company as Samport join our growing network of  channel partners.”

The terminals developed by Samport together with PAX are the S300 multilane smart PINpad, the S800 countertop and S900 wireless terminals. All 3 models have been presented at the Butiksleverantör 2014 Retail Fair in Stockholm on 1-2 April.
About Samport (
Samport was founded in 2003, and develops and sells card payment solutions and payment terminal products for companies of all sizes. With its high levels of security and its tailor-made, user-friendly technology, the company has become one of the leading suppliers of card payment systems in the Nordic market. Samport has 50 employees and over 10,000 customers in the restaurant, taxi, retail, transport, hotel and e-commerce sectors. Samport has offices in Stockholm, Halmstad, Copenhagen and Oslo.
About PAX (
PAX Technology Limited (“PAX”) is an innovative global provider of electronic payment solutions offering world-class, cost effective and superior quality payment solutions. Building on its service excellence and proven leadership position, PAX is considered one of the fastest growing payment solution providers with world-class manufacturing and R&D capabilities and a growing sales and channel partner network across the globe.