PAX Unveils PAX Commerce: A One-Stop Integration Solution

Jacksonville, FL (January 14, 2020) – PAX Technology Inc. is excited to announce its innovative new PAX Commerce Sync Platform, a cloud-based API service designed to enable new technology solutions for use with PAX terminals.  As the rate of change in our market continues to increase, the ability to stay competitive becomes ever more difficult. Enabled by PAX Commerce Sync’s cloud-based API, ISVs and solution providers will find it easier and faster than ever before to expand, grow, and control their product suite.

Enabling More Functionality from One Place

ISVs now have more control at their fingertips than ever before. Through a set of cloud-based RESTful APIs, ISVs can connect with solution providers who offer additional functionalities, such as payroll, ecommerce, pay at the table, and many more. This unique enablement saves times by eliminating the need to re-develop current solutions while offering easy integration to existing solutions.

Maximize Your Next Generation Payment Devices

“The advanced simplicity of the PAX Commerce Sync gives acquirers and ISVs the chance to leverage their existing technologies to greater functionality — and more quickly! — than ever before for their SMBs.” says Andy Chau, CEO of PAX Technology.

Whether it is to increase sales or reduce friction, small businesses are getting smarter everyday with the use of cutting-edge payment technology. PAX Commerce Sync helps ISVs and acquirers stay ahead of the curve by enabling partnership and a higher level of acceptance and functionality than ever before; with PAX Commerce Sync, there’s a solution for virtually any business need.

To get more information on PAX Commerce, contact us at [email protected].

About PAX Technology Inc.
PAX Technology is one of the fastest-growing electronic payment solution providers in the world. PAX has been serving the global retail marketplace for over 20 years and has distribution in over 120 countries shipping over 50 million terminals worldwide. PAX offers a complete line of products and services supported by extensive R&D capabilities. In addition to a most competitive pricing model, quality assurance is the company’s top priority, which enables PAX to have a strong advantage in the marketplace.