PAX Technology Leads the Movement Towards Clean and Unattended Payments with Self-Serve Kiosks

Introducing the SK600 and SK800- SmartKiosks that offer merchants and consumers a cleaner way to order and pay in a touch-free headed environment.


PAX Technology, Inc. is leading the charge into cleaner and unattended payments with its newest line of Android-based SmartKiosks, the SK600 and SK800. The PAX SmartKiosks are next-generation kiosks that offer a convenient and seamless integration of both order and payment in one sleek device, while traditional kiosks offer ordering functionality with a separately mounted PIN pad. Additionally, with COVID-19 changing up the way consumers order and check out, these secure kiosks pave the way for many merchants, such as restaurants, retail, hospitality, and entertainment, who are looking to offer more independent ordering and a reduced-contact checkout experience.

Consumers have full control of the ordering and checkout process with the all-in-one PAX SmartKiosks, eliminating the need for a cashier. Offering an inviting aesthetic with large, vivid, portrait-style touchscreens that can be mounted several feet apart in the facility, consumers can navigate through the items they want to purchase or modify, and simply check out after they’ve submitted their order. Speed and ease-of-use remain the crucial metrics of success during this time, and merchants can enjoy the SK600 and SK800 as a turnkey solution that is already widely EMV contact and contactless certified with all major US processors. This enables merchants to continue to use many of their existing retail applications.

Coupled with the open platform of the Android OS, the SK600 and SK800 can also easily integrate with existing systems such as tablets and large monitors within the facility. With the most up-to-date connectivity configurations available, including LAN, Wi-Fi, and 4G cellular network, merchants can benefit from a multi-faceted ordering process that’s flexible to their needs.

PAX is leading the way to touchless payments by offering integrated contactless features such as contactless-enabled payment, facial recognition, and an integrated QR code reader. The flexibility of having these alternative payment methods within the SK600 and SK800 greatly reduce the touchpoints often seen in traditional payment settings. Also featuring the latest in PCI 5.0 security, and coupled with moisture and shock resistance, PAX SmartKiosks are built with the durability needed to meet the merchant’s disinfecting and cleaning standards, ensuring the ability to operate at any given time.

“Merchants newly reopening their doors can utilize our secure SmartKiosks as a new way to order and pay within the evolving checkout environment,” says Andy Chau, President and CEO of PAX Technology Inc. “The PAX SmartKiosks offer everything for consumers to independently order and check out on clean, ruggedized technology that can be repeatedly disinfected and used for hundreds of transactions a day.”

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