PAX Technology, Inc. Announces Updated Branding

Jacksonville, Fla. – PAX Technology, Inc. is excited to announce an update to its brand image. To show how the company has embraced the monumental shifts in the industry, PAX is announcing that it is changing its company slogan to “Empowering Digital Payments.”

“This change not only reflects PAX’s position as an innovator. It showcases how PAX will continue to believe in empowering all merchants, large and small, with the power of digital payments and the benefit of omni-channel commerce solutions,” said Andy Chau, chief executive officer for PAX Technology, Inc.

Recent events have triggered a critical turning point towards the digital world. Governments and global financial institutions are focused, more than ever before, on initiatives to promote increasingly cashless societies, resulting in the rapid development of financial technology and record levels of electronic payment acceptance. To capitalize on these changing payment norms, merchants are now adopting electronic payment terminals at a record pace.

“The payment industry is changing, but these changes will only be valuable if they are accessible to everyone. Our vision at PAX is to ensure that merchants of all sizes have access to the same digital payment technologies to level the playing field between large and small businesses,” said Mr. Chau.

PAX has long been an innovator and promoter of the democratization of digital payments. With its innovative Android smart terminals and the cloud-based PAXSTORE platform, even small merchants can embrace digitizing business operations and payments to benefit from these new and emerging opportunities. The company’s new slogan embodies these beliefs.

About PAX Technology, Inc. 

PAX Technology, Inc. is one of the largest electronic payment solution providers in the world, with 60 million terminals located in over 120 countries. As a leading global manufacturer of payment solutions, we are committed to delivering innovative, high-quality, and secure payment solutions to businesses, large and small, worldwide.

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