PAX Technology Inc. and AxiaMed Partner to Provide Optimal Healthcare Payment Experience with Android-based A920 & A80

Companies Partner to Offer Safe, Secure, Flexible Patient Payment Solutions for the Office or Home-Based Employees

PAX Technology Inc, a leading provider of electronic payment solutions, and AxiaMed, an industry-leading healthcare payments technology company, have partnered to offer a variety of Android-based payment terminals providing convenient, secure patient payment functionality for healthcare providers. For organizations forced to close their facilities or limit patient contact due to the COVID-19 crisis, AxiaMed offers a variety of safe and secure solutions for handling patient payments with PAX payment devices for home-based employees and office workers striving to minimize patient contact.

PAX Technology Inc’s Android-based A920 SmartMobile and A80 SmartDesktop devices are now available to AxiaMed’s healthcare clients. The A920 is an Android-based mobile payment solution that can be carried anywhere in the facility with multiple connectivity options, including Wi-Fi. It boasts a crystal-clear LCD touchscreen that enables clear and smooth transactions between patients and providers. With the A80, a stylish, Android-based countertop device, patients can experience a faster and more convenient payment experience.

(Left: A920, Right: A80)

“We’re delighted to be able to offer PAX Technology’s industry-leading Android payment devices to our healthcare clients,” said Randal Clark, Founder and CEO of AxiaMed. “Our partnership is particularly timely in the wake of the CoVID-19 pandemic, which has changed everything. Now, more than ever, it is vital for healthcare providers to adapt and find ways to continue to operate as smoothly as possible. For organizations forced to close their facilities or limit patient contact due to the COVID-19 crisis, we offer a variety of safe, secure solutions for handling patient payments, and PAX payment devices are key in the deployment of those solutions.”

Contactless digital payments are quickly becoming the recommended norm. For facilities that are remaining open to the public, AxiaMed’s PAX payment devices can help limit the current risks of COVID-19 infection associated with physical contact. By accepting NFC-enabled forms of payment such as, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more, AxiaMed’s PAX Android devices help minimize or even eliminate the need for staff or patients to handle cards or touch keypads and screens. Healthcare providers can also enable their home-based staff to securely and efficiently handle patient payments via PAX devices with PCI-Validated P2PE.

AxiaMed’s Control Center, a payment device management solution, enables healthcare enterprise security and technology management teams to secure, manage, and monitor EMV certified payment devices, including PAX Android devices, from one cloud-based system. With the importance of social distancing during the current COVID-19 crisis, the ability to remotely update and manage payment devices from anywhere in the world is now crucial. It also saves time and simplifies the payment collection process. Due to the minimal effort required to manage the payment devices, providers can keep doing what they do best— providing their patients with the best care possible.

“We are thrilled to offer a secure payment solution with AxiaMed that helps ease the anxieties of patients and providers during this stressful time,” said Tony Fernandez, VP of Product Marketing. “The A920 and A80 are robust and secure devices for healthcare providers looking for a convenient solution to adapt to the current public health crisis.”

About PAX Technology Inc.

PAX Technology Inc is one of the fastest-growing electronic payment solution providers in the world. PAX has been serving the global retail marketplace for over 20 years and has distribution in over 100 countries shipping over 50 million terminals worldwide. PAX offers a complete line of products and services supported by extensive R&D capabilities. In addition to a most competitive pricing model, quality assurance is the company’s top priority, which enables PAX to have a strong advantage in the marketplace.

About AxiaMed

AxiaMed is a healthcare financial technology company that specializes in payment security. Payment Fusion, our SaaS-based healthcare payments platform, ensures the highest standard of data security and reduces PCI compliance requirements. Payment Fusion’s unique architecture and single API simplifies integration with leading healthcare applications and supports multiple payment networks, accelerating time-to-market and end-user adoption. Together, AxiaMed and our ISV partners deliver integrated solutions that improve the financial performance of healthcare providers by increasing the patient’s payment options.

AxiaMed is headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA with executive offices in Nashville, TN.

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