PAX Presents Ground-breaking Aries8 to its SmartTablet Series

Jacksonville, FL (January 13, 2020) – PAX Technology, Inc. is excited to announce general market availability for our new Aries8 SmartTablet. Combining tablet-based technology with PCI-PTS 5.x security certification in a metallic, retail-hardened durable case, the Aries8 SmartTablet is the most innovative integrated POS and Payment device in the world today.

Certified for use in either attended or unattended configurations and supporting several different use case options, the ultra-sleek Aries8 SmartTablet can meet the needs of both large and small merchants across any North American retail vertical market. Via its revolutionary Adapter Plate, the Aries8 Smart tablet can be installed on standard countertop stands, integrated into third-party kiosks, mounted on walls, or used as a mobile device.

The Aries8 SmartTablet is available in two different kits depending on the retail use case requirements.

The standard Aries8 kit is designed primarily as a fixed mount payment terminal, that boasts the largest and highest resolution screen in the smallest overall footprint available to North American retailers today. Adapter Plate options that provide physical communication ports for interfacing with a POS terminal are available via either an external (cable connected) Communication Box or they can be integrated onto the Aries8 tablet.

The Aries8 Pro kit is designed to support both fixed mount and mobile applications. It includes an Adapter Plate that allows the tablet to be easily removed from its stand. The Aries8 Pro SmartTablet includes an integrated high capacity battery and professional, front edge scanner supporting both POS (line-busting) and other instore applications (Inventory). Snapping on an Aries pistol grip handle, which includes an additional high-capacity battery, transforms the Aries8 Pro SmartTablet into an ergonomic mobile powerhouse.

Both Aries8 SmartTablets are powered by PAXBiz based upon Android operating system and include an 8” high resolution display, capacitive touchscreen, hybrid card reader, integrated contactless reader, front facing camera that supports Barcode/QR code scanning, Dual band WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G cellular communications, and Micro-SD memory expansion. Both SmartTablets are capable of supporting fully integrated (PxRetailer), Semi-integrated (BroadPOS) or Hybrid (PxProcessor) payment configurations.  Each Aries SmartTablets can be supported by our PAXSTORE or PAX Portfolio Manager estate management systems and are both supported by our comprehensive PAX Commerce Platform.

“Retailers across all market verticals are seeing a wave of transformation in the way transactions occur.  Our Aries8 SmartTablet is a true game-changer designed to keep up with this evolution,” says Tony Fernandez, VP of Product Marketing.

To get more information on Aries8, contact us at [email protected].

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