Shenzhen, China -June 8, 2013

PAX Technology Ltd., a global leader in the provision of secure electronic payment solutions, launched the newly developed system – CPOS.

The CPOS, CONFIG POS, is developed independently by PAX. PAX CPOS is configurable and controllable, designed with a set of system scripts to describe bank payment business through its script definition. The CPOS is configured using a script by putting POS transaction processes and interface menu on the host. The configuration can be downloaded into the terminals through script instructions. The terminals will analyze and restore the script instructions. The CPOS, a smart payment system, can provide the customized printing receipt and screen display format, accepting magnetic stripe, chip and contactless card.

PAX CPOS system replaces the traditional application from development to maintenance of a series of processes. With regard to the traditional application, when updating, the maintenance person needs to recompile the code before remote download, but remote download will cause unstable because of the large file. In asynchronous communication, the CPOS system then automatically loads via a script to save download time and cost. In addition, the engineers can develop applications for different products as long as they grasp CPOS script editor platform to share source code.

Now the CPOS system has been used in Agricultural Bank of China. PAX’s powerful software development capabilities and its system stability have been unanimously approved by users.
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