Shenzhen, China – 20 June 2013

PAX Technology Ltd., a global leader in the provision of secure electronic payment solutions, today announced that PAX partners with Banrisul bank to launch the first mobile payment solution for the smartphone or tablet, via PAX D200 with bluetooth connection in the 6th International IT Forum from 5-6 June 2013 in Porto Alegre.

Ivandre MEDEIROS, Banrisul’s Operations and Fulfillment Director said:” The product is the first solution in the mobile payment category in Brazil and Latin America, using a chip card and totally secure”. This solution uses the equipment of PAX D200, which has all the national and international certifications.

He also pointed out that this solution enables the multi-brand network – which makes the transaction of Visa, MasterCard, VerdeCard and Banricompras act in autonomous markets, for example, the door to door sales and catalog sales, a segment with potential of over a million vendors.

Gilberto NOVAES, Sales Director at PAX added: “We are delighted that Banrisul has chosen PAX; the Banrisul bank is one of the largest banks in Brazil who appreciate PAX’s credibility as a highly focused and reliable point of sale terminal supplier to partner with”.
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PAX Technology Limited is a global provider of electronic payment solutions offering world-class, cost effective and superior quality payment solutions. Building on its service excellence and proven leadership position, PAX is ranked as one of the fastest growing payment solution providers with world-class manufacturing and R&D capabilities and a growing sales and channel partner network across the globe.

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Banrisul, State Bank of Rio Grande do Sul S/A, is a state bank with business focus in southern Brazil. To serve its 2,9 millions customers, the Banrisul network has more than one thousand of points in the country. It integrates the group of two thousand greatest companies of the world, according to Forbes and is the 4th greater bank of Brazil. “Banrisul evolving always with you”.