PAX Announces the S500 Terminal & EXT Paper Housing

Jacksonville, FL— S500 Terminal & EXT Paper Housing — Today from its U.S. Headquarters, PAX announces the S500 Terminal & EXT Paper Housing. PAX’s S500 is an advanced countertop payment terminal, featuring a 2.8-inch color touch screen with Signature Capture functionality that offers an interactive user interface.
“PAX is extremely excited to offer the S500 with the EXT housing to our customers and business partners. Many of whom have been asking for an EMV countertop device with great value and a large paper roll, built-in Wi-Fi and semi-integration. We listened and delivered. PAX is thrilled to offer our clients a product that offers the latest and most reliable security protection for both consumer and merchant.” said Andy Chau, President and CEO at PAX Technology, Inc.
S500 Terminal & EXT Paper Housing
The S500 is an innovative payment terminal with exceptional stability and reliability. With built-in EMV, Contactless, Mag Stripe, Signature Capture, Wi-Fi, and a high speed thermal printer it is the one-stop shop for all your payment processing needs. The terminal can also be offered as private label so a partner can expand their brand backed by PAX’s solid quality standard.
The S500 is also the first terminal to offer our customers the option to load a huge paper roll in a countertop payment terminal. When you purchase the EXT housing accessory, you can now load a thermal paper roll of up to 230 feet long; the size and likes of which could only be loaded in your typical cash register. PAX realizes how important it is to keep your business flowing without having to change paper rolls when you have a long line of customers. This solution meets and exceeds that need.
PAX is one of the fastest-growing POS terminal providers in the world. PAX has been serving the global retail marketplace for over ten years and has distribution in over eighty countries shipping over 12 million terminals worldwide in recent years. PAX offers a complete line of products and services supported by extensive R&D capabilities. In addition to a most competitive pricing model, quality assurance is the company’s top priority which enables PAX to have a strong advantage in the marketplace.
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