PAX and TruRating Are Simplifying Customer Feedback for Retailers

TruRating, customer experience experts specializing in retail insights, and PAX Technology Inc, a world leader in electronic payment solutions, have announced today the availability of TruRating as a feature of the PAX payment platform, allowing retailers to collect real-time customer feedback at checkout. TruRating’s point-of-payment customer feedback software is now integrated with PAX terminals such as PX7 models, giving PAX clients the ability to ask customer feedback questions on the terminal at checkout. The simplicity of the solution, coupled with the innovative use of payment technology, has seen a global response rate of 88% of customers, unheard of in the world of customer surveys and customer experience platforms. “As a global leader in payments, PAX continues to add innovative products to their line of terminals,” said Georgina Nelson, Founder and CEO of TruRating. “They are known as being developer friendly and the PX devices were the obvious choice for us to continue our success with multi-lane merchants.” “PAX is committed to enabling our partners to provide services beyond just payments” Andy Chau, President and CEO, PAX Technology added. “In today’s rapidly evolving retail environment, listening to customers is more important than ever and the ability to engage with the once silent majority of consumers is a game-changer for retailers of all sizes. We’re very happy to be working with TruRating to deliver this opportunity to PAX customers.” To learn more about how TruRating can help your business, visit About TruRating TruRating is a company specializing in customer experience insights, with a particular focus on retail and hospitality industries. Utilizing original point-of-payment technology, TruRating operates on the simple principle of only ever asking one question per customer, which means the vast majority are happy to respond. As the feedback is collected at point of payment, in-store or online, every response comes from a guaranteed customer and is linked to transaction data. With industry-leading response rates at an average of 88%, TruRating’s unique technology platform gives businesses the real-time data they need to make better decisions. Founded in the UK by CEO Georgina Nelson in 2014, TruRating has since expanded operations to Australia, Canada and the United States, and is live in two additional countries, Ireland and New Zealand. Learn more about the ratings revolution at http://www.trurating.comAbout PAX PAX Technology Inc is an innovative global provider of electronic payment solutions, offering world-class, cost-effective and superior quality products. Building on its service excellence and proven leadership position, PAX is one of the fastest growing payment industry suppliers with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, excellent R&D capabilities and a worldwide network of sales and channel partners.