Middle East Revolution Spills Over to Payments Industry


Are you feeling the “Economic Pinch”, as are practically all Acquiring Banks and Payment System Integrators across the EMEA region?

Your profits and comfort levels are being challenged by both macro-economic factors (such as global recession, or falling levels of regional tourism due to recent political turmoil) and micro-economic factors within the payments industry (such as your evaporating purchasing power in the face of certain POS manufacturers, or shrinking merchant service charge margins in the acquiring business).

PAX help you take back that control, decrease your acquiring related spending and generate significant new revenue streams.

POS Terminals from PAX

Looking to balance the quasi-monopoly situation of your current POS supplier?  With over 1.4 billion people in their home market, it was only a matter of time until a Chinese headquartered payments supplier began really servicing the EMEA region.  PAX Technology is the world’s 3rd largest manufacturer of PCI compliant POS terminals and is the undisputed market leader in Asia. Part of the powerful HiSun conglomerate, their POS terminals offer incredibly higher value for money than what you pay today and receive fantastic reviews from those who have already tested and deployed them across the EMEA region.

Where & When

Date: 17 & 18 May

Location: Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC)

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