Revolutionizing Mobility: PAX Technology, Inc., Introduces the World’s First IP67 Certified Android SmartPOS PDA   

The A6650 Bolsters the Already Robust Line of Elys Solution Products

PAX Technology, Inc., a leading global payment solution provider, continues to redefine the payment solution landscape with the introduction of the revolutionary A6650. The A6650 is the world’s first IP67 certified Android SmartPOS PDA computing device with integrated payment acceptance capabilities, making it a standout in the world of mobile technology.  

This PCI PTS 6 certified PDA is rugged and durable with an advanced Android 12 operating system. It combines mobile computing and a secure payment device all in one, resulting in the ultimate tool for anyone who wants to keep their business organized and process payments on the go. Designed with a host of features to elevate operational performance, the A6650 provides all day dependability with a field replaceable battery, enabling merchants to focus on serving customers without the concern of power depletion. The optional Modular Charging Kit (MCK) offers a sustainable solution for recharging and promoting longevity of the unit while reducing electronic waste.  

The A6650 has a large 6.5-inch touch screen, front and dual rear cameras which allow the operator to take high-quality photos and videos and boasts a lightning-fast professional Zebra scanner for an efficient checkout experience, inventory management, and more. Accepting various payment methods including NFC Contactless, chip, swipe, QR code, and Apple Pay, the A6650 facilitates seamless transactions for diverse customer preferences. 

“The A6650 is a formidable entry into our Elys product offerings,” said Andy Chau, President & CEO of PAX Technology, Inc. “Its robust design and functionality make it an indispensable asset for businesses across multiple industries.” 

This unique device has undergone extensive testing to ensure durability and reliability. The A6650 is protected against damage due to dust and can withstand short periods of immersion in water which earns the A6650 its IP67 certification. It is also drop resistant to five feet, making it a versatile ruggedized mobile payment solution crafted for a diverse array of industries, including:  

  • Logistic and warehousing 
  • Hospitality and retail 
  • Delivery and pickup 

To learn more about the A6650 and other Elys Solution offerings, visit: A6650 | PAX Technology