IM15: A Cutting-Edge Contactless Payment Solution

Redefining High-Volume Unattended Environments  

PAX Technology, Inc., a leading global payment solution provider, is pleased to announce the release of the IM15, a compact, contactless payment device designed for unattended use in heavy transaction environments.  

The IM15 is a cutting-edge contactless payment solution equipped with a vivid anti-glare 3.5” color display that ensures optimal visibility even in outdoor conditions. With a built-in proximity sensor, the screen can be programmed to turn on automatically when a customer approaches, saving energy and improving longevity. The IM15 accepts various contactless payments, including NFC and QR codes, ensuring secure and efficient transactions. 

Containing numerous communication ports, the IM15 facilitates seamless integration into a wide range of unattended business verticals, such as vending machines, transportation hubs, EV charging stations, drive-throughs, laundromats, car washes, and more. Its connectivity options feature Dual Band Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth®, 4G, and Airlink™, an optional Uptrillion™ powered solution offering cellular communication.  

Its IP65 & IK09 ratings mean the ruggedized IM15 is vandal-proof and resistant to damage from dust, moisture, and scratches, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. Its flexible mount design allows for easy vertical or horizontal self-service kiosk installations. 

“The versatility and rugged design of the IM15 make it an ideal unattended solution,” said Andy Chau, President & CEO of PAX Technology, Inc. “We are excited to introduce this cutting-edge device, which not only enhances convenience for consumers but also provides businesses with a reliable and secure payment solution for their high-volume transaction environments.” 

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