PAX Technology, Inc. Announces Distribution Partnership with TRG Solutions

Global Managed Solutions Provider Brings Prominent Payment Solutions Provider Into Partner Network

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. September 1, 2022 – PAX Technology, Inc. a leading global payment products provider, is proud to announce its partnership with TRG Solutions, a global managed solutions provider focused on enterprise mobility, point-of-sale and payments. The PAX-TRG partnership brings together PAX’s secure, state-of-the-art payment solutions and TRG’s expert distribution services.

Shortly after TRG ventured into the payments industry with its TRG Payment Solutions division, it saw an opportunity with PAX. TRG’s Director of Payment Solutions, Liz Everett, an industry veteran with nearly 20 years’ experience, stated, “ To quickly grow the payment business at TRG, I knew we needed to do things differently and engage in the partnership outside traditional reseller models.”

Not only did PAX have impressive growth and Android-based smart terminals, which PAX holds the distinction of being the first provider to bring to the North America market, but customers were requesting PAX devices, so an alliance made perfect sense.

“This partnership allows PAX to expand our distribution channels to better serve and support the demand for our products, coupled with TRG’s world-class repair and support,” said Clint Jones, Chief Operating Officer.

Selling through the distribution channel enables PAX to enhance its reach to businesses large and small. Finding a partner who can provide unrivaled support is crucial. TRG is a perfect partner to meet those needs.

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