PAX’s latest generation Terminal Management System ( “PAX TMS”) provides a powerful web-based interface and user-friendly tools for customers to more efficiently and cost effectively manage and maintain estates of remotely deployed POS terminals.


Suitable for

  • Acquiring Banks
  • Payment Processors
  • IT System Integrators
  • Petroleum & Telecom organizations



  • WEB-based B/S architecture makes it easy to maintain and upgrade the system and allows users to perform business management anywhere at anytime.
  • Enables users to manage tens of thousands or even millions of POS terminals.
  • Allows users to manage a variety of terminal software resources: OS, font libraries, dynamic libraries, applications, parameters and data files.
  • Supports remote update of software resources on PAX Monitor, Monitor Plus and Prolin.
  • Supports a variety of parameter formats and allows expansion.
  • Supports a variety of communications: Dial-up, LAN, GPRS, CDMA, WIFI, PPP, etc.
  • Supports simultaneous downloads and cluster deployments.
  • Significantly improves concurrent processing capabilities.
  • Supports terminal grouping and batch deployment of terminal tasks.
  • Allows definitions of download schedules and uses smartstrategy to uniformly distribute terminal download plans.
  • Supports incremental downloads, compression downloads and resumes interrupted downloads to improve the efficiency and total speed of terminal downloads.
  • Provides real-time monitoring of terminal download progress.
  • Allows flexible administrator and user privilege management.
  • Offers enhanced data reporting capabilities for business analysis and service improvement.
  • Supports the latest SSL technology and 2-way authentication between terminal and TMS.
  • Accommodates cross-platform deployment on Windows or Linux.
  • Employs an enhanced User Interface to maximize customer experience.



Download TMS datasheet.pdf