PAX Technology Inc. | PAX at MAG 2020
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Our Industry Experts

Attending our virtual booth to discuss how PAX is adapting to the new norm with new solutions and products are our very own industry experts Lloyd Baylard – SVP Retail Solutions, John Briggs – Senior Sales Engineer, Tony Harder – VP of Major Accounts, and Matt Reid – Sales Executive.

Lloyd Baylard – SVP Retail Solutions
Tony Harder – VP of Major Accounts
John Briggs – Senior Sales Engineer
Matt Reid – Sales Executive

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The most versatile payment device yet, the Aries8 offers the most modern payment experience in multiple configurations for any environment.


The A77 fits in the palm of your hand and is the ultimate definition of payment mobility. This device is perfect for scanning and payments on the fly.


The E700 gives the familiar contemporary feel of a tablet-like payment experience. Visually-pleasing and user-friendly with dual facing screens.

PAX Q30 terminal


The Q30 is a new generation integrated smart PIN-pad that enables multilane retail merchants everywhere to accept any type of transaction, including traditional cards, 1D/2D code payments, and mobile wallets.

D190 POS terminal


The D190 is the latest generation MiniPOS terminal that can be integrated with Android or iOS mobile applications running on a smart phone or tablet.