PAX Technology Inc. | A77 Quick Setup Guide
The A77 Quick Setup Guide is designed to help you setup your terminal and provide you with basic instructions and tips for how to use your terminal. Quick setup guides usually include contents of the terminal packaging, part descriptions, operating instructions, installation and usage tips, and battery information.
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A77 Quick Setup Guide

Contents Checklist

Please check the box contents after unpacking. If any components are missing, or if there is a page missing from the quick setup guide, etc., please contact the dealer.

Name Qty.
A77 Smart Mini Payment Terminal 1
AC Power Adapter 1
USB Cable 1
Battery 1



Product Description

Front View:

Back View:

Side Views:



Device Connection


Type-C USB Port:

Connect the USB device or PC to the Type-C USB port located at the top of the terminal.



Card Installation



  1. Open the battery cover on the bottom of the terminal.
  2. Take out the battery.
  3. Insert SAM/SIM card into the corresponding SAM/SIM card slot.


Micro SD Card

  1. Open the battery cover on the bottom of the terminal.
  2. Take out the battery.
  3. Insert Micro SD card into the corresponding Micro SD card slot.



Basic Operating Instructions


Power ON/OFF

  • Power ON: press and hold the power button for 3-5 seconds.
  • Power OFF: press and hold the power button until the shutdown menu appears, about 3-5 seconds, and then select [Shutdown] > tap [Shutdown]. When “Shutting…” appears, the terminal is powering off.


Charging Battery

  1. Connect the USB Type-C cable to the USB Type-C port on the terminal.
  2. Connect the USB Type-C cable to a power source.
  3. The charging status will display on the device screen once connected.


Card Readers


Magnetic Stripe Card Reader

Place the magnetic stripe face left and then swipe card through the magnetic card slot at a constant speed.

IC/Smart Card Reader

Place the chip face down and then gently insert the IC card into the IC card slot.

Contactless Card Reader

Place the contactless card close to the sensor area located at the back of the terminal.



Installation and Usage Tips

  • Avoid putting the terminal in direct sunlight, high temperatures, or moist or dusty environments.
  • Only allow professionals to repair the device.
  • Before inserting the card, please check inside and around the IC card slot for signs of tampering. If suspicious objects are found, please report them to the related administrator.



Lithium Ion Battery Usage Tips




  • Do not use or place the battery in direct sunlight and/or smokey, dusty environments.
  • Do not strike, squeeze, and/or tread on battery.
  • Do not throw the battery in any liquids or place in/near fires.
  • If the battery is deformed or damaged, please stop using immediately and replace it.
  • If the continuous working time is only half of a new battery, the battery life may be at its end. Please replace it.
  • The specified battery model and charger must be used, otherwise there may be an explosion.
  • The charging time cannot exceed 24 hours. If the battery is out of power, please recharge in an appropriate time and then disconnect the device. Avoid damaging the battery with over-charge and over-discharge.
  • Please recharge the battery at least once every 6 months to avoid shortening its life.
  • Replace battery every two years.
  • Be sure to follow the instructions to dispose of wasted batteries.



PAX Technology Inc reserves the right to change product technology specifications without notification.